Yaron de Leeuw


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I have always been a Free and open source software enthusiasit, especially regarding Python and Linux. Some of my contributions can be found in my github page.

Academic Publications

Google Scholar ORCID
  • Resistor-network anomalies in the heat transport of random harmonic chains (2016) [PRE] [ArXiV]
    Isaac Weinberg, Yaron de Leeuw, Tsampikos Kottos, and Doron Cohen
  • CEL-Seq2: sensitive highly-multiplexed single-cell RNA-Seq (2016) [Genome Biology]
    Tamar Hashimshony et al.
  • Accuracy in optical overlay metrology (2016) [SPIE Advanced Litography]
    Barak Bringoltz et al.
  • Diffusion in sparse networks: linear to semilinear crossover (2012) [PRE] [ArXiV]
    Yaron de Leeuw, and Doron Cohen


For software related stuff I prefer using github issues and pull requests. You can also email me at this domain. If you need it for some reason, my pgp key id is
E64B CB36 71FA E792 A435  CDC8 26AD C9A5 7F26 5D3F