Yaron de Leeuw


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I have always been a Free and open source software enthusiasit, especially regarding Python and Linux. Some of my contributions can be found in my github page.

Academic Publications

Google Scholar ORCID
  • Resistor-network anomalies in the heat transport of random harmonic chains (2016) [PRE] [ArXiV]
    Isaac Weinberg, Yaron de Leeuw, Tsampikos Kottos, and Doron Cohen
  • CEL-Seq2: sensitive highly-multiplexed single-cell RNA-Seq (2016) [Genome Biology]
    Tamar Hashimshony et al.
  • Accuracy in optical overlay metrology (2016) [SPIE Advanced Litography]
    Barak Bringoltz et al.
  • Diffusion in sparse networks: linear to semilinear crossover (2012) [PRE] [ArXiV]
    Yaron de Leeuw, and Doron Cohen


For software related stuff I prefer using github issues and pull requests. You can also email me at this domain.