Privacy Policy for

Like many websites, uses Google Analytics to track traffic and learn more about its audience. It is hosted on GitHub Pages, and it also uses cloudflare to distribute traffic.

Google Analytics

We use the standard Google Analytics snippet. You can learn more about it and about opt-out options here:


All traffic to / from this website goes through Cloudflare. They collect some info, and add a cookie __cfduid, presumibly to identify trusted machines with untrusted IPs. Learn more about it at: and at:

GitHub Pages

This website is hosted on GitHub pages (which also uses a CDN, fastly). They can collect plenty of data. I assume that this is covered by:

Everyone else

Your ISP and DNS providers will know that you looked for, as will many other intermediate servers. They will not, however, know which specific pages you looked at. (Cloudflare, GitHub and Google Analytics will know that, in an annonymized fashion). Unfortunately, some servers between Cloudflare and GitHub will also know that, because of: this issue (isaacs/github#156)